Friday, November 18, 2005

DC Cancellation News

At Newsarama, DC Executive Editor Dan Didio gives some news of upcoming cancellations, including a tidbit about Aquaman.

The list of books being cancelled: "Plastic Man with #20, Flash with #230, Superman #226 is the last issue for that numbering, Wonder Woman #226 is the last issue of that run, Gotham Knights #74, Gotham Central #40, JLA #125, and Batgirl #73."

And when Newsarama asks "what about Aquaman? Is he safe?", Didio replies: "He was treading water. We're in the process of looking at Aquaman, and have discussed a new and exciting direction for the "One Year Later..." approach on the book. To be very frank about it, this new direction saved the book from cancellation."

Not a surprise. Aquaman's sales numbers barely justify keeping the book at the moment. Unless the sales pick up a lot, even with the upcoming pilot and the hype I suspect Aquaman will submerge again.