Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Question

Aquaman is in the news quite a bit right now, with the pilot being made in the spring. But the comic book Aquaman is about to go through some sort of change, we just have no idea what sort of change.

DC Executive Editor Dan Didio describes the change as "new and exciting". If the rumor mill is right, we'll have some idea of what's going on in a few weeks when the DC Solicits for books shipping in March are released. Why those? Because the rumors say that Aquaman #40 is where "One Year Later..." will start for Aquaman (disclaimer - it might be #41, but #40 is the logical switchover issue because it's a nice round number).

So this week's Sunday Question is simple. Pick one aspect of Aquaman and post a comment on what you would do. This can be as simple as telling us who you want to write or draw the book all the way to discussion of plot aspects you would include.

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