Friday, December 02, 2005

Important Names and Who's Who

I'd like to tell you about two projects I've been slowly working on over the last few years. Neither project is anywhere near completion, but having converted the news section of this site into a blog, it makes sense to start posting what I have. For the most part, I'll be putting up nice short summaries. If I ever get around to finalizing the projects, the entries will be longer or linked to more information.

"Important Names" is a database of all the folks who've worked on Aquaman or had a big impact on his character. This will mostly end up as short bios and tributes.

"Who's Who" is a character list of Aquaman characters, big and small. While all the major characters will go under the standard "Who's Who" title when I blog about them, I will probably use "Who's That?" as a title for ones that are insignificant except in the story they appear in.

Important Names and Who's Who entries will appear on the blog mostly on days when there is a dearth of news and I can't find any good links. They won't be regular features like the Sunday Question. If you have any requests for characters or creators to hit, please use the comments link on the sidebar.