Friday, December 16, 2005

More Tidbits From Kurt

Over on the DC Message Board, it's been difficult to keep up with Kurt's posts. Here's a few tidbits from the latest.

First question, will we see others from the supporting cast like Mera, Garth, Vulko, and Koryak?
We'll see a lot of them eventually.
Another question, is there a new Aquaman because of the TV pilot?
I didn't even know about the TV series when I made my pitch. I have no idea whether it was part of the reason Dan reacted well to the idea of a new, younger Aquaman, but it wasn't any part of the reason for pitching that idea.

If the TV series does happen, we've already thought of ways to accommodate it without altering our character.
Another question, how many issues do you have planned?
I've formally outlined six, I know what the next two are, and I have ideas for dozens more betond that, but haven't worked them into an order yet.