Sunday, January 15, 2006


Over on the DC Message Boards, Kurt is teasing again: "...the new Aquaman will have plenty of foes you haven't seen before, too. Viatha, the Thorny Crown, the Knights of the Abyss, more..."

Sleestack has posted a couple of letter columns covering the division between Lori Lemaris' Atlantis and Aquaman's Atlantis... oddly enough, neither is the letter I remember, which specifically said there were two different cities. I'm going to have to hunt through my copies of Adventure to find it.

The Comic Treadmill continues to look at Silver Age Aquaman, covering Aquaman 13 to 15 from 1964.

QueerClick whips up a nice montage of Aquaman/Will Toale images for us. I like the effect.

Mark Evanier reports that Dennis Marks, who worked on the Superman-Aquaman Hour as a writer, has passed away.

DC solicits for April come out tomorrow on the DC site, as well as a number of news sites. I'll post the new cover as soon as my work schedule allows it, but you should be able to see it elsewhere first.