Monday, January 23, 2006

Aquaman TV Update reports on TV Guide On-line's interview with Alfred Gough about Smallville, during which the Aquaman pilot was mentioned. I particularly liked this quote:
"He lives in the Florida Keys, and again, it's a guy in his twenties who really doesn't know about his destiny and has these abilities. He uses them to have fun and get laid, but then in the pilot, destiny comes knocking at his door and he realizes what his true calling is, which is that he's the exiled prince of Atlantis. We liken him to Prince Hal in Henry IV, before he becomes Henry V. It's about getting his act together because his future holds bigger things than running a dive shop."
I just hope A.C. isn't too shallow to begin with, because I can't stand unlikable leads in TV series. No matter, this will be an interesting Elseworlds project.