Friday, January 13, 2006

Tails and Legs

I was reading this post about fans in the comic book industry when I came across this: "it didn't matter if Atlanteans had fish tails in Superman stories or legs in Aquaman's because, well, kids don't really think about stuff like that."

Um. He's wrong. The letter columns in the early days are clear evidence that kids DID think about stuff like that, and asked about it too. And a smart editor in the early days answered this exact question when a curious child asked about it by saying that Aquaman and Lori Lemaris were from two different cities in Atlantis. Thus the division between tails and legs was born.

I won't address the rest of the blog entry here, as to some extent I agree and some extent I disagree. But the origin of multiple Atlantean cities was that answer in a letter column, and I thought it worth mentioning here.