Friday, January 20, 2006

Ten Years

Ten Years of the Aquaman Website

Ten years ago, very close to my birthday of January 20th and with very little knowledge of websites or HTML, I put up a page devoted to Aquaman in the hopes of attracting fellow fans who could help me learn more about the character and his history. It worked far better than I ever expected, and lasted far longer than just about any other endeavor I've tried (with the notable exception of my marriage).

Many thanks to the many, many people I've met along the way. Massive thanks to the folks who have helped with the information on this site, both in correcting me and finding new stuff for me to add. In particular, I want to thank John Schwirian, Leah Adezio, Daria, John Coates, Scott McCullar, Rodrigo Mariath Zeidan, Andy Hamerlinck, and the two dozen or so other people whose names I've forgotten. A special shout out of thanks to my husband, Eric, who's put up with this obsession for as long as he's known me. It's been a long, odd run. Here's to ten more years!

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