Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thoughts of 2006

2006 does have some potential. We've got the TV pilot and possible series to look forward to or dread, depending on your attitude. We've got the new Aquaman to look forward to or dread. We've got the nice big 52 crossover which will no doubt have a little bit on Aquaman and Atlantis in it. Also, the rest of Infinite Crisis, which might give us more clues to Aquaman's fate.

And, according to Kurt, we've got another issue of Aquaman that gets Cerdian's gender wrong. *sigh* But at least the collection of Infinite Crisis will fix the error.

In addition, the creator of the UCLA Aquaman student film also has contacted me and if all goes well, a clean digital copy of the film should be freely available on the 'net either at my site or at the Monitor's site sometime this year. Maybe I'll finally get a chance to correct the errors in the transcript.

And lastly, today starts the ten-year anniversary of my website, as well. I've been putting up Aquaman stuff for ten years, through good and bad. At the same URL the entire time. Ten years. Wow.

Potential. That's what this year has over any other for Aquaman fans. Potential.