Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Justice for Aquaman

Over in the Aquasightings link, etude finch reports that "James Krueger (co-plotter and scripter of "Justice") claims to be a major and Aquaman fan and discusses him in the following interview. He gives some hints of Aquaman's future in the miniseries. He also says the Jim Aparo/Aquaman period included some of the best comics ever made."

The article is on Newsarama, and here's a Krueger quote:
As far as being a fan of the DC heroes, I'm actually very selective. There are some characters like Aquaman, who I have loved since I was a kid. In fact, there was a while there when used to think I was Aquaman and could breathe under water. It took me about three tries before I realized that wasn't going to work.
Many thanks to etude for the sighting.

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