Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Various Links

If you have special effects experience, and want to maybe work on Mercy Reef, EntityFX is looking for a specialist.

The Great Curve discusses an article about Aquaman that makes an unusual accusation "subtext" from the Aquaman cartoon. Oddly enough, this article is the first time I've ever seen mention of such subtext with regards to the cartoon, although the article writer seems to be claiming it is common. I think this says a lot more about the article writer than it does about Aquaman.

Here are two slightly different versions of the article by Terry Morrow: one in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and another from the Detroit News. The Detroit News article adds some quotes from Brad Meltzer.

And lastly, Corey Bond compares two different Aquaman action figures (with lots of snide remarks) and asks why one is made "for ages 8 and up," while the other is "for ages 14 and up." Good question.

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