Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

In The Legend of Aquaman, young Arthur is abandoned on Mercy Reef as an infant, yet still remembers his mother enough to identify her once he enters Atlantis as a prisoner. His lack of Atlantean knowledge earns the scorn of most of the other inmates, but Vulko takes pity on him and teaches him the language. The other inmates call him a freak...

Vulko Teaches Arthur For Her To Speak With His Mother

Unfortunately, she dies before he has a chance to speak with her. With her death, he suddenly realizes he has no reason to stay in Atlantis, and beats up his guards and leaves. Later, after Arthur has gone out into the world and become a superhero, he returns to a freed Atlantis (the other prisoners were inspired by his example) and finds out that his Mother was actually the former Queen. When the King and Vulko urge him to take the throne, he refuses, pointing out that he was left to die by his mother. Vulko explains that it wasn't the case at all. She didn't even know.

She Was Missing Him

With that knowledge, he decides to become King.

For Mother

Happy Mother's Day to all...

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