Friday, May 26, 2006

My Sketchbook

I'm not much of an artist, personally. I was taught that anyone can be an artist, but I haven't put in the time or effort to get much past stick-figure level. So when I talk about my Aquaman Sketchbook, I'm talking about sketches I have gotten from other people. Most of these are of Aquaman, although I have a few other sketches mixed in. I keep them on a rarely updated sketchbook page in the virtual world, and on my desk near me at all times in the real world. I'm now going to revive a tradition I had on my regular blog... the Saturday Sketch. Any time there isn't a ton of news to report, I'll be posting a sketch on Saturday. If you want a sneak peak, with the understanding that the page hasn't been updated recently, click on the banner below...

Laura's Aquaman Sketchbook

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