Monday, May 22, 2006

The Petition

I have major doubts that an online petition will have any effect on CW's scheduling decisions. If you want to get their attention, you pretty much need to write them a nice letter on paper. But it does make for interesting reading, as the signatures top 1600...
Please reconsider, this show looks good in production quality and I would think that a show full of young, beautiful people in swimwear would do solid in the ratings! natch!

i saw the trailer it was alsome so the show must be alsome too

You're stupid if you don't air this show.

this looks great even if they don't change their minds the cw should put the pilot online for the fans

Nuestra puertorriquena Denisse, es UNICA!!!. Tiene todo lo que se necesita para exceder en los medios, inteligencia, carisma y belleza. Ademas, ha demostrado tener un talento natural para actuar y cantar. En fin, tiene el angel que se necesita para llegar a la gente.

i wish i was tom welling, i love his hair

I'd like to see AC finally get a postive rep.

The lead guy is hunky and the story looks banging!

Holy shark droppings Aqualad

AIR AQUAMAN!!!!!! I'm begging on my hands and knees and kissing your feet! PLEASE!!!!!

Don't be like FOX and drop good shows

The marketing ideas are limitless!

let it have a chance to flounder!!

In all honesty, I thought the idea of an Aquaman show was HORRIBLE. However, that simple preview that I just watched changed my mind. If WB had aired that trailer with Smallville's finale (a show I watch mostly just out of habit), I would have planned on watching it on CW on the fall. I realize the show is probably expensive, but CW's fall slate contains mostly aging hits. GG, Smallville, 7th, OTH... these shows will be gone within a year or two. CW needs to generate some new hit shows. I think this one may have a shot. I know I would have given it a try. If CW changes it's mind and picks it up for a mid-season start, I will watch several episodes at the very least. Uh, as long as it's not opposite Lost, that is. Thanks!
Yeah, I admit I have to wonder what some folks are thinking, but overall the comments are pretty fun to read. Aquaman has never gotten so much love.

Now, if you are visiting this page for the first time, looking for more information, do me a favor and pick up the book currently out by DC Comics. The first issue of the current arc is #40, and it'll be collected this fall as well. Go on, check it out.

As AquamanTV points out, there are currently no plans for Aquaman to be a mid-season replacement. The comment that was quoted said that the show is a "contender" which is a far cry from any certainty. KryptonSite's Aquaman forum has been hopping with plans and ideas for getting the show on the air.

In other news, Colleen Doran has a few words on the trailer being pulled. I have to admit that I still halfway believe the trailer was leaked intentionally by the WB to check out the reaction to it, and maybe to convince the top brass at CW that it was worth following up on.

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