Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Aquaman finally meets his almost-mythical father, Atlan, during a difficult quest to stop an alien invasion...

Atlan Appears

Of course, there's a little pent-up hostility involved in this meeting, and Aquaman's first response is... well... violent:

Aquaman punches Atlan

Golden Age Aquaman had a strong father, who died when Aquaman was old enough to handle it. The Silver Age Aquaman also had a strong father, and again he died when Arthur was an adult. The Modern Age Aquaman has it hard. He lost his first father figure when the man, a lighthouse keeper named Arthur Curry, vanished under mysterious circumstances. He then learned that his real father was an ancient wizard of Atlantis, a man he didn't meet until this adventure, which happened in Aquaman #22 (1996).

Um... Happy Father's Day?

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