Friday, July 28, 2006

Aquaman Pilot Continues To Ride The Wave

The Aquaman Pilot is still the top video download on iTunes. There are now 244 reviews (as of this post) with an average rating of four stars. In addition, my sources tell me that at least four different pirated versions have shown up on torrents or usenet. As always, I urge folks who are able to get the legal version to buy it legally, as there is a very slim hope, as seen in this quote from the LA Times:
Gough says he is nevertheless pleased that Warners gave his and Millar's pilot to iTunes. In addition to generating thousands of downloads, the pilot also is attracting strong feedback within the industry, enough that Gough holds out slim hope that it could attract enough Internet interest to revive "Aquaman" as a TV series.
So if you can buy it, please do.

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