Sunday, July 30, 2006

IGN Interviews Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley Interview on IGN:
IGN TV: Can you talk about what the interpretation was of Aquaman and what the storyline was?

Hartley: It was at the point where he was beyond discovering his powers; he was [already] breathing underwater. The interesting thing about it was, he didn't keep it a secret. He kind of used it to get laid and stuff. This is what he did. He didn't keep it a secret, which is pretty atypical of superheroes; he just kind of flaunted it. In the story, he rescued this girl and he was at the point in his life where he was dealing with a love interest, wrestling with discovering what his destiny was and where he came from, and why he has these powers. What it all meant, what his job was and what his life was supposed to be like, because he was kind of slacking off until then. And then he learns in the pilot episode what his destiny is. And he kind of tries to reject it for a little bit, because that's a big load to drop on someone, who's just kind of a party animal. But then he finally comes to terms with it, and that's where it was going to begin.

IGN TV: Did it involve Atlantis? That he didn't know that was where he was from?

Hartley: Exactly. Then he got information that he's from Atlantis, and he laughed it off; "Okay, Atlantis. Great." But then he came to terms with it, and thought, "Maybe this does make sense." He knew he had these powers, and he knew something was up. I think this happens with a lot of people, when something happens and you really don't have an answer for it. If you're afraid of it, you might not look for the answer. And I think that's what it was for him.
And, yes, Aquaman is still the top video download on iTunes.

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