Monday, July 10, 2006

Wizard Reports on Aquaman Pilot

Aquaman May Resurface.
AL GOUGH: We're working on a way to get the pilot out there. That's sort of all I can say at the moment. Whether it's some sort of addition on season six of "Smallville" or not--we're really proud of the pilot. We'd love for the fans to get a chance to see it. The implication when a network doesn't pick up a show is that the pilot sucks and that's not the case. It's not a perfect pilot by any stretch of the imagination. There are other reasons--which are a mystery to us--as to why The CW didn't pick it up. I think it definitely puts Aquaman in a modern context and he's not lame. It's a shame because it would have been a really fun series.


By the way, if there were still a WB, we'd be on The WB, without a doubt. If we had known in November that The CW was forming, we would have never done it.


The plan is to get it out there somehow and there will actually be an announcement about that in the next few weeks.

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