Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tadpole Williams

Apparently Aquaman has a new writer... Scipio broke the news yesterday on Big Monkey Comics with an interview with the new writer Tad Williams.

I admit I didn't believe it at first. Only once Newsarama chimed in with an explanation from Kurt Busiek did I realize this was more than one of Scipio's jokes.

My reaction is nothing like Doug's reaction, but not because I'm terribly upset. Tad Williams is a very good writer, and it's clear from the Newsarama article that he's chatted with Kurt, so we won't be losing Kurt's ideas so much as gaining Tad's perspective.

No, my issue is that I really like Kurt and enjoyed having him on the book, and I wish he'd been able to get more issues done before the change. A two year run would've been satisfying. Ten issues isn't enough.

Anyway, moving on, Shawn McManus will be taking over the artwork (which pretty much leaves Paul Gulacy out in the cold). I know nothing at all about Shawn McManus, so if anyone has a handy link, please pass it along. Update:

Update: Tad Williams talks to Newsarama.

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