Friday, March 09, 2007

Ripples Through Time - 097

I'm reading every Aquaman solo adventure in publication order. After I read each story I will post the cover/splash page and a few thoughts on the story.

Adventure #173 Aquaman Splash Page
Adventure #173 (February 1952) - The First Underwater Gold Mine!

Luke Brady is sold a gold mine, not realizing that it's underwater... but for some reason the thugs who sold it to him want it back.

Captain Daggart is known to Aquaman for looting salvage ships... I presume that means that Daggart waits until the salvage crews have brought up the goods, then steals them.

This is yet another story that mixes cowboys and the ocean. I think the last one was Adventure #148. Once again, the cowboys continue to wear their totally inappropriate cowboy gear while hanging out on the ocean.

Finny Friends Report: Aquaman defends Luke and his partners with a whale by aiming the spray from the spout at the bad guys. A crew of whales and octopus help to drop the mining shaft to the ocean floor, while a baby whale pumps the water out. When attacked, a couple of seahorses carry one bad guy away, then a sawfish cuts the bad guy's air line. A flying fish helps Aquaman jump from the water to attack bad guys in a boat, then tarpons take out another boat with the old rope trick. A giant sea turtle and eels help Aquaman attach to the final boat, then a shark helps get the odd group over rocks. At the end, octopuses bring up the gold.

Quotefile: Opening text box, "Remember the yokel who bought the Brooklyn Bridge at a bargain? And the sap who snatched up the Empire State Building for a song? Well, this is the story of rancher Luke Brady and his pals who shelled out their life's savings for a gold mine -- five miles out at sea! But the excitement mounts when the swindlers suddenly start a fight to get it back -- and almost succeed until, to the rescue, comes Aquaman, monarch of the seas, who helps the hoodwinked Westerners solve the puzzle of ... The First Underwater Gold Mine!"

Have you read this story? What do you think?

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