Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tad and Links

If you want to know how the Tad Williams signing went, here's my report over on Bloggity. I did ask one spoiler question, which Tad answered, but I'm not going to report that because most of you won't understand the question, and it'll be answered in issue #51 anyway.

Although we talked about Aquaman, I'm spoiler-shy, so we went into no detail. I did get the impression that Orin will remain the focus of the Aquaman legacy as long as Tad is writing the book. It will take awhile to sort out Aquaman and Orin and Arthur Joseph, so don't expect huge changes right away. Tad is working with the story he was bequeathed, and he's going to do justice to it. Tad also wasn't aware that Orin's back-story was going to be told in WWIII, but he'd already been keeping close to Kurt's original plan, so it wasn't as big a problem as it could have been.

And now, some links:

I may not be the target audience for these incredibly cute little toys, but I'm SOOO getting Aquaman.

Wings has found another Aquaman costume on Flickr. I don't think I've linked to this one before.

Ask Yahoo tackles the eternal question: What are Sea Monkeys?

More Cool Aquaman Art.

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