Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ookla The Mok - Arthur Curry

If you don't already have Ookla The Mok's first album, Less Than Art, which features a track about Aquaman, "Arthur Curry", you can get it now, fully remastered and with a SECOND version of "Arthur Curry" which can be heard in full at their MySpace page. The lyrics are the same, but the arrangement is their concert version.

C'mon now, sing along:
I am Aquaman, and nobody better mess with me.
I may be nothing to you, but I am a King beneath the Sea.
Let's see you get by underwater as well as I do on the ground,
I am Aquaman... and you better not mess around.
Hat tip to FilkerTom.

Update: Ordering the CD from CD Baby is worth it for the confirmation e-mail alone!

Update (Mon, Jul 16th): CD arrived today. EXCELLENT. Go, buy.

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