Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Links and Stuff

A Drawing of Aquaman done as you watch.

Anyone care to translate this?

Todd Lescher has some Aquaman paintings on Flickr.

Don't have the Aquaman Viewmaster Reel? Now you can see the whole thing: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.

Yet more Flickr fun: LEGO JLA.

If you liked Alan Ritchson as Aquaman in Smallville, then you might want to go see Beowulf, as Alan's body was apparently the model for the animation of the lead character!

Oh man, somebody beat me to it and listed all of Aqualad's corny sayings from the cartoon. To that, I say:
Bouncing Butterfish, Bumbling Blowfish, Flappin FrostFish, Flippin Flounders, Gallopin Guppies, Holy Hackfish, Holy Haddock, Holy Hagfish, Holy Halibut, Holy Hurricanes, Holy Mackerel, Hopping Toadfish, Howling Houndfish, Jumpin Jackfish, Jumpin Jellyfish, Jumpin Porcupine Fish, Leapin Lampreys, Leapin Lonefish, Leaping Lionfish, Mumbling Mantas, Mumbling Morays, Murmuring Moonfish, Pounding Pigfish, Shivering Shellfish, Slithering Seaweed, Soarin Sailfish, Sputtering Spoonbills, Sufferin Catfish, Sufferin Sea Snakes, Sufferin Seashells, Sufferin Seasnails, Sufferin Sunfish, Wailing Woolfish, and Weepin Weakfish!

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