Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tardy Link Post

I'm in the process of moving, and haven't been around for a bit. So make sure you visit The Aquaman Shrine every day for your daily dose of Aqua-news and fun.

The Comic Treadmill tackles some Aquaman back-ups in Action Comics.

The Aquaman Shrine Interviews Ramona Fradon.

Aquachicken is rejected.

Super Dollhouse.

Colleen Doran still likes Aquaman.

Classic DC Cartoons, including Aquaman have been added to iTunes and Xbox Live.

This story would make a great Golden Age Aquaman plot.

Aquaman Wallpaper.

Papercraft Aquaman.

An Octopus with 96 tentacles.

Possible Aquaman news? Or maybe this is news? Be sure to check out the Brave and the Bold Aquaman and Manta image from that second link.

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