Friday, May 07, 2010


So, despite me being very harsh about the Comic Geek Speak Aquaman Podcast, it is worth a listen if you know very little about Aquaman. And hey, they actually managed to pronounce my name correctly at the end of the show, which is always a pleasant surprise. It's also inspired me to update some sections of this page, particularly the Previews and Shipping List, which were both very out of date.

In addition, I have a handful of minor front-page updates planned, including a more prominent link to The Aquaman Shrine, which is updated much more frequently than this site, and has extremely good information for any Aquaman fan. The Aquaman Shrine is a site I would be proud to have created.

Anyway, if you have any comments or questions about Aquaman and the current events, please use the comment form provided on this post.

Update: Hey, finished the updates. What do you think?

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rob! said...

Thanks for the extra real estate, Laura!

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