Sunday, May 31, 2015

More on Justice League: Mortal

The Justice League Movie that Never Was. Santiago Cabrera was set to play Aquaman, but it didn't get to happen. It was reportedly about to start filming when the whole thing just got shut down. But now we've seen the concept art for the Aquaman costume and had a complete overview of the script.


THE massive WHITE MOON, sitting on top of the Atlantic.

SFWOOSH! SUPERMAN blasts out of the water. With AQUAMAN 
riding the backs of a PAIR OF BOTTLENOSED DOLPHINS -- 
harnessed like race horses -- right behind him.


UNDERWATER. AQUAMAN examines J'ONN. Finding nothing. 
He climbs out of the pool, and is instantly DRY.
AQUAMAN Preposterous. A sea creature spitting fire? SUPERMAN Not fire. A substance, a fluid... AQUAMAN And it what...? Put itself in a jar? Just waiting to attack? It's ridiculous. This whole thing...! WONDER WOMAN Arthur. Please. No one is accusing your subjects. We thought you might shed some light.
AQUAMAN nods, pacified by the Princess. Nods to J'onn.
AQUAMAN I'm sorry. Being Up-world makes me edgy.
THE FLASH materializes, vibrating right through the door. Already talking.
THE FLASH So I was thinking, if I'm right and we are dealing with a nanotech attack, how did...?
He stops. Notices AQUAMAN. Impressed all over again.
THE FLASH Hey. Wow. Aquaman... You're Aquaman... SUPERMAN Flash. Please. Not "Aquaman". It's King Arthur among us. THE FLASH Sorry. Your highness. I'm Flash.
FLASH holds out his hand and AQUAMAN takes it, looking to SUPERMAN: "See?" He's dismissive.
THE FLASH (helpful) You can call me The Scarlet Speedster. Some do...
OFF AQUAMAN's sigh...

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