Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Publishers Weekly on Aquaman Pilot

Second item down:
Gough says that Toale, a 28-year-old newcomer with stage and extensive modeling experience, was the result of a three-month search that covered more than 400 potential actors. "It's that sort of intangible that you can't put your finger on, but you know it when you see it," Gough says of the choice. "He has a charisma, and charm and a warmth."

The series, as yet untitled, will take a similar approach to Smallville, with the King of Atlantis living in exile and running a dive shop in the Florida Keys. "Smallville is very much a show about adolescence, and Aquaman is very much a show about being in your 20s," Gough says. "Instead of being about 'who am I?' it's 'what's my place in the world.' "

The environment will be a major theme on the show, and Aquaman's relationship to the seas was one of the reasons Gough and Millar chose to develop the character. "Of all the other superheroes in the DC universe, he had the most real-world agenda."
There are a couple of new points in this one. We'll have to see how they pan out in the actual show.