Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Air Force Reports on Mercy Reef

A Story on the Air Force website tells about the impact of the shooting of the Mercy Reef pilot on Homestead Air Reserve Base. This is the same base that posted behind-the-scenes pictures from the pilot on their website.
Vehicles began arriving at 5 a.m. to set up equipment and prepare for the day's shoot at "Tempest Key Joint Training Base," the fictional name of the military base. For security reasons, the production team's vehicles and people were under military escort from the moment they arrived until they departed the base about 20 hours later.

Considering the number of visitors and the amount of time they were on base, this was a Herculean task that was successfully accomplished by good teamwork and coordination among Homestead ARB's units, said Lt. Col. Tom Davis, 482nd Fighter Wing chief of public affairs.
Another interesting tidbit comes at the end of the article, a quote from Lisa Lewis, vice president of television production at Warner Brothers:
"We will not know if the show is picked up for a series until mid-May," Ms. Lewis said. "Normally we would air in late September, but we won't have a firm air date until July."
So we have an approximate date of when we'll know if the show is going forward. We should know by late May or early June, with an air date being announced a month or two later.

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