Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mercy Reef Updates

While I was off having fun at the Convention, AquamanTV.com was updating everyone on the status of the Aquaman-based TV show, Mercy Reef.

Two items of note have been posted recently. The first is this snippet of interview with Lou Diamond Phillips, in which he says, "I can say just having been on the set, having been with Ving and Justin Hartley, who is amazing and I think is gonna blow up, we nailed it, man. It was a wonderful script and it was so much enthusiasm and so much heart, and I have to say an incredible amount of support." That's encouraging.

AquamanTV also has links to a gallery of pictures taken at the Air Force Base that served as some of the locations for the pilot. While the Denise Quiñones picture is cool, I found the following one to be far more intriguing.

Mercy Reef Filming

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