Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Justin Hartley's Daughter

A LiveJournal has a spoiler-fill article about Smallville that includes this great tidbit about Justin Hartley:
The only thing Hartley isn't over-the-moon thrilled about is being so far away from his family: his wife, Lindsay Korman Hartley, whom he met on "Passions," and their 2-year-old daughter, Isabella. Hartley flies home to Los Angeles each weekend, but says it's hard to be away from home.

While dad's off filming, Hartley says, little Isabella has taken to watching the pilot episode of "Aquaman," which was produced by "Smallville" co-creator Al Gough, though ultimately not picked up by a network. "She calls me Aquaman, or Justin," he says grinning. "I call home and I hear this man's voice in the background, and it's me, in that pilot. It's pretty funny."

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