Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Paul Gulacy May Be New Aquaman Artist

In an interview on Newsarama, Paul Gulacy reports that he may become the new ongoing artist on Aquaman:
KRONENBERG: What current or future projects are you working on?

GULACY: Next up is a four issue Squadron Supreme mini-series written by Marc Guggenheim and then, if all ducks are in a row. I head back to DC to pencil the ongoing Aquaman series with Kurt Busiek.
Paul Gulacy has worked on Star Wars, Batman, The Terminator, and Catwoman. More recently he's worked on Jonah Hex #12 and JSA Classified.

He's also contributed to my Aquaman sketchbook with a sketch of an older Aquaman:

Paul Gulacy Aquaman Sketch

Many thanks to Larkin on the Comicbloc Forums for the tip.

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