Saturday, November 18, 2006


Dr Sordid profiles Aquaman.

Vincent P Bartilucci reports an Aquaman mention. UPDATE: I confirmed the mention. It's in the first few moments of the episode Lost In Parking Space, Part One in which Clara is walking down the hall checking out the evil of her housemates. First she spots Xander using stem cells to cure leukemia, then she comes across Captain Hero with a woman in bed saying "Oh, come on baby, that fin rot I caught from Aquaman cleared up a long time ago!" to which Clara screams, "Ah, rampant lying!" as she points at Captain Hero. He races to the door, showing off his right arm, which is now a fin, with rotted bits. A porpoise laughs as he slams the door.

Fin Rot
You can read a bit more about Drawn Together on Wikipedia, with links to more reliable sources.

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