Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coming Soon (DC Solicits for April)

Solicits for DC Comics due to ship in April 2007 have been posted on various websites: Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, Comics Continuum, IGN, ComicList, and The Official DC Site. Here's the Aquaman stuff I spotted:

Tad Williams continues to refine Kurt Busiek's ideas and add his own in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #51.

Aquaman will also be appearing in the World War III mini-series, planned for week 50 of 52, in Part 2: The Valiant. He may appear in other issues of the mini.

And the Silver Age Aquaman will also show up in Justice #11. The solicit mentions The Challenge of Aquaman, and Aquaman's son.

Please note: There will be no Ripples Through Time today, because I think I'm going to make the day I put up the Aquaman solicits a scheduled break in the ripples. I don't want to go completely insane before I finish the project, now, do I?

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