Monday, February 12, 2007

Sightings and Links

In the episode of Smallville "Labyrinth", Clark is in an asylum. Eventually, he learns that everyone he thinks he knows is related to the asylum somehow, including a fellow inmate who turns out to be named Arthur Curry. Blink and you miss it, but it's an Aquaman sighting in an otherwise aqua-less episode of Smallville.

Labyrinth Arthur Curry

Speaking of Smallville, iFMagazine has an interview with Alfred Gough which talks a bit about the ill-fated Aquaman pilot:
There were a lot of different stories to tell on land and sea. The mythology, Atlantis, would have been a small portion of it. Every fourth episode would have dealt with some of that mythology. I think it could have been very interesting that we’re destroying their society and Atlantis has sort of turned into eco-terrorists – sending back people they’ve sort of reprogrammed as suicide bombers. There was an environmental angle to it that was very interesting and you could talk about politics in the way that the best of sci-fi can talk about it -- the way that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA does. It was definitely a cool show, we had a lot of good ideas for, the cast was certainly great. It was probably a bigger, epic show than SMALLVILLE.
Electra Woman and DynaGirl 2001 pilot (YouTube). Aquaman cameos at about 2:39 in, "They're serving halibut at the luncheon!". Thanks to Wil Radcliffe for the report.

Electra Woman and DynaGirl Aquaman 1Electra Woman and DynaGirl Aquaman 2

Dennis Doucette, who is a Prince of Weekiwachee, as seen in these images, has a couple of references for us.

First up is an episode of X-play on G4 TV. Here's a summary of the episode:
Memory Card: A psychotic serial killer who would conceal his identity by speaking through a modified R.O.B. robot. During the 2006 Halloween episode, Memory Card kidnapped a number of G4TV hosts and put them through a series of tortuous deaths. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that the person behind the "Memory Card" persona was actually Aquaman, who wanted revenge on X-Play for naming his Battle for Atlantis the worst game of all time.
Um. Ok.

The next one is a little more lighthearted... In the Jeopardy Teen Tournament on February 12th 2007, Aquaman was a clue. It was in the Jeopardy round, in the "Stamps" category. The first contestant to ring in got it wrong ("Who is Neptune?") but the second to ring in was correct.

Aquaman on Jeopardy

Go check out The Aquaman Shrine for yet another unique collectible, this time an empty but sealed soda pop can featuring Aquaman artwork and lettering in Arabic script. Hey Rob, put up some better pictures and see if someone can translate that sucker! And if anyone else runs across a second example of this, please send it my way. I'd like one of these.

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