Tuesday, August 07, 2007

HeroClix Artie Joe

Artie Joe and King Shark are both in the new HeroClix DC expansion set. For gamers, that means you've got a couple more water-based characters to play with. For non-gamers, these make wonderful little statues (and are much cheaper and easier to display than the stuff from DC Direct).

Expansion Booster Boxes

Check out the nice artwork on the expansion booster boxes, which will include Artie Joe. And here's the Artie figure itself:

Artie Joe

And you can have King Shark play a villain, if you'd like:

King Shark

And while you're waiting for the expansion to come out, you can head on over to Scipio's place and print out a nice island map to use as a battleground. Add in some of Scipio's FishClix and you'll be set.

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