Monday, August 06, 2007

Ripples Through Time - Update

I haven't done a Ripples Through Time post in a couple of months, mostly because I messed up some links and needed to fix them, and being a lazy sort of webmistress I put it off for entirely too long. I was also getting a bit burned out trying to do one a day. I know, I know... I don't have to do one every day. But I was trying.

I got through 135 stories so far, out of over 500 (Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #57 will be 514 by my count). I'm only counting Aquaman's solo adventures, not his guest appearances in other books or his role in the Justice League. Those adventures will come later, after I've finished my survey of the solo stories.

In the stories I've read I've learned that Aquaman is a friend to all honest sailors, that he doesn't much care about his reputation as long as he can do good, that he will always help the US Navy, that Aquaman fills many roles on the ocean including fire-fighter, doctor, jailer, banker, and movie consultant. Aquaman is a buddy to most sea life, but some sea life doesn't know him. Aquaman is actively involved in conservation efforts, but doesn't mind humans fishing or whaling as long as they do it responsibly. Aquaman doesn't have any limits to his out of water time, but he is weakened by intense heat and lack of moisture. Aquaman has extraordinary strength, but usually uses his brain to solve problems (which is why the Sea Sleuth didn't catch on, as Aquaman was already smart and didn't need him). Aquaman's first recurring partner was Ark the Sea Lion (or seal, depending on the story) and his first recurring villain was Black Jack the Modern Pirate.

One of the links I set up is the archive of Ripples Through Time. I have a link for the first 100 Ripples, and the second 100 Ripples will eventually have their space, too.

And so... tomorrow... Ripples Through Time will continue!

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