Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aquaman on the Daily Show

Aquaman made a brief appearance on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show last night as a member of the Supreme Court. After Jon listed off his slightly altered list of Supreme Court Members, an image of the Court was shown. I've included the original of the image to show you which Justice was replaced by which fictional character.

Jon Stewart: "The final arbiter of American justice is the Supreme Court. Roberts, Ginsberg, Souter, Stevens, ... Blitzen, Sleepy, Aquaman, Thomas and Scalia. These nine judges, these magnificent b*****ds, help settle intractable American disputes. They settle intractable American disputes, oftentimes only 6 to 15 years after the original incident has lost its relevance."

Supreme Court

Note that Aquaman replaces Alito. Aquaman continues to get no respect. *sigh*

You can see the full video segment on The Daily Show's site by clicking here or on the picture.

Updated 3:20pm with screen cap and transcript.

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