Friday, May 21, 2010

Comic Geek Speak Redux

Apparently Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak was offended by my negative initial reaction to their podcast on Aquaman which contained some bad research, in particular a whopper of a mistake in which they quoted Aquaman's origin from Wikipedia and included a Wikipedia vandal's contribution in whole, which meant they hadn't even suspected that it was false and checked on the information. As a professional researcher, that little bit of poor research hit me hard and led to my harsh initial review, which I followed up with a slightly mellower post after I'd finished listening and had time to think about it.

To my amusement, Peter says he's going to "omit" the reference to me in the podcast, a very childish reaction to a bad review that only serves to reinforce my initial reaction and give me a poorer opinion of Peter himself. (For the record, I was impressed that they pronounced my name correctly in the podcast, so if he removes it, I guess I don't have to be impressed anymore?)

What Peter apparently didn't do is look at my follow-up post, in which I said that the podcast had actually inspired me to clean up my act and get some much-needed work done on this website. In his comment he talks about the people that were inspired by the podcast... well, count me as one of them. I have gotten a lot done on this site since I first listened to that podcast on May 6th, and the initial impetus to get it done was provided by their podcast.

You can also check out their forum, in which a number of people contribute their stories of being inspired by the podcast.

But Peter unfortunately felt it was necessary to be overly defensive and upset at a negative review. That's made it very difficult for me to take him seriously. You'd think he's never had a harsh review before. So Peter, for what it's worth, you need to chill a bit. I'd hate to see your reaction to a truly nasty review. Would you delete the whole podcast and sulk in the corner?

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