Friday, August 20, 2010

Aquasitions! part II

This next Aquasition was a complete surprise to me. I got a strange note from a friend and Aquaman artist, and then a few days later this arrived in the mail. An Oz friend by the name of Freddy had been wandering garage sales while staying with the Aquaman artist, found this item, and thought of me!

It's a DC Comics lunchbox, classic Super Friends era!

Lunchbox Front

The front has our standard trio with a tagalong. Superman! Wonder Woman! Batman! Oh, yeah, and Robin. Each one nicely labeled in case you don't know them by sight. And I LOVE the purple trim!

Lunchbox Back

And here's the back of the lunchbox! We get Flash, Batgirl, and Green Arrow. Very cool! But... where's Aquaman?

Lunchbox Side 1

Here's a side of the lunchbox. The Riddler, Catwoman, and the Joker. Still no Aquaman.

Lunchbox Side 2

Here's the other side. Supergirl... and hey, wait a minute! Batman and Robin again? Why not give somebody else a chance, you super-attention hogs!

Lunchbox top

Well, here's the top of the lunchbox, looking under the nifty purple handle. Here we get "Kitten" and the Penguin. I thought her name was Cheetah? Still no Aquaman... But wait, there's one more side to look at:

Lunchbox bottom

Ah! There he is! On the bottom with the good company of Hawkman and Green Lantern. It's Aquaman's standard diving pose, but it means he's bigger and front and center from the other two.

I'm really pleased to add this to my collection. I vaguely recall only one lunchbox I had as a kid, and it wasn't a superhero one. But I like to think that little me would have wanted this box and would have delighted in having it. Now, I wonder if there's any chance at all of finding the thermos that went with it? Hrm. I think I'm only interested if that thermos has Aquaman on it...

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Freddy said...

glad you enjoyed it so much :) i loved how many characters are on it. It's a win win for everyone !!!

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