Thursday, August 05, 2010

Comissioned Artwork

Recently on Facebook, Tom Beland, artist of True Story, Swear to God, the best romance comic book a person could want to read, announced he was taking commissions for some quick artwork. For $15 (later upped to $20 due to the response) you could get a couple of characters in Tom's unique style. Well, I'd just gotten a little Paypal money and asked permission from the hubby-Eric, and so I asked for Aquaman and Mera. And today I got to see my sketch!

Looking through the sketches he's done, mine was the third with Aquaman (one was Spider-Man riding Aquaman like a dolphin, the other was Batman in a diving suit next to Aquaman on a WICKED seahorse). In any case, mine will need to be framed as soon as I can afford it and put up next to my Ramona Fradon and Nick Cardy artwork.

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