Friday, August 06, 2010

Various Links

Deep Thought: Someone needs to make an Aquaman Beach Towel.

Baby Aquaman.

Custom HeroClix Aquaman mod.

Aquaman in a World Without Water.

Unedited BP Command Center photo.

Aquaman by I Am Your Canadian Boyfriend.

Geoff Johns hints at Aquaman-themed event.

Geoff Johns on Aquaman:
One of the characters I'm enjoying the most is Aquaman. Aquaman, Mera and Aqualad. The fact that we got to sort of re-introduce Mera in "Blackest Night" and have been able to carry that all the way through to "Brightest Day" is important to me. She’s become one of the most intriguing characters in recent years, for me at least, to write. She just has so much potential to be one of the A-listers of the DCU.
More Aquaman art from Project Rooftop.

Comic Con 2010 Interview with Andrea Romano. Well worth watching if only for the bombshell she drops at almost 4 minutes in, and the fact that she loves Aquaman (5 minutes in).

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