Friday, November 12, 2010

Aquaman Mentioned on The Daily Show

Aquaman on The Daily Show

Aquaman got a name-check on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night during a discussion of the Bush Years. The mention occurs about 4:45 minutes in on this video, but the context requires a little build up. First Jon mentions Bush authorizing waterboarding, with a clip of Bush about the topic. Then Jon mentions New Orleans, again with a clip of Bush on the topic. Then Jon says:
Your lawyers allowed waterboarding, but going in to rescue hurricane victims... yeah, we're not going there. Your lawyers just like seeing people underwater. Who's your law firm? Jacoby and Aquaman?


Anonymous said...

That's good, but not as good as "Rickles and Palpatine."

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see a correlation between this mention and the recent "Smallville" episode that included both Aquaman and Waterboarding? Seems like a subtle jab to me.

Tegan said...

Seems a bit tenuous to me, but an interesting link nonetheless.

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