Friday, December 17, 2010

Aquawar and More

CBR has an interview with Geoff Johns that ends with some interesting Aqua-tidbits:
It's great when people say, "I want more Aquaman." When's the last time you heard them say that?

I think Aquaman is one of DC's A-List characters, but he's got to be treated like that. He's got to be showcased like that and he's got to kick ass like Green Lantern or Batman or the entire Justice League.
About Mera:
Mera is one of the strongest female superheroes in comics, in my opinion. She's regal, powerful, smart, confident and stands on her own. She doesn't need to stand next to Aquaman to be her own character. There are plans for her post-"Brightest Day."
And also the story of Jackson:
If we were going to introduce a new Aqualad, we had to decide that we were all going to do it. It's very hard to launch a new character, so this was our first try using DC in various ways, between the comics, animated series, licensing, everything. Let's showcase him. And he has a great role in "Brightest Day" #16. There's a big revelation about who Aqualad is and where he comes from.
Regarding the Aquawar, John's says:
It happens in "Brightest Day" #19 and 20. And it's a culmination of what Aquaman is about to go through that results in a pretty stunning revelation for what he'll be doing next and it leads him into the finale of "Brightest Day."

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