Monday, June 27, 2011

Contributing to This Website

I've been asked this question again, so I've decided to answer here on the blog so I can refer to it.

1) Yes, I welcome contributions. The easiest way to contribute is to simply post a comment to ANY post on the blog*. I manually moderate the blog comments, so I'll read the comment even if I don't post it through.

2) Because the site is more active, you might also submit anything you have to The Aquaman Shrine. It's just as likely to be posted there, and will probably see a bigger audience.

3) If you want to contribute to the FAQ portion of this site, you need to do three things. First, you must be able to edit Wiki formatted pages. Second, you must create a user. And third, you must request permission to edit from me (by posting a comment to this blog and giving me your user name and an email to contact you with).

People who already have a user name but have forgotten their passwords can request a password reset. I can do that now.

If you look like a legit person and not a spammer, I'll give you Guppy access to the FAQ. If you contribute a lot of useful stuff, I may promote you to an Atlantean. As the FAQ consists of mostly sightings and dry boring facts about previous issues, I suspect most people won't want to get involved, even if you can become an Atlantean.

*NOTE: If you have trouble posting a comment to this blog, you can also try posting a comment over on Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog. Just make sure you include the word "Aquaman" so I know it's an Aquaman contribution/request.

You can also send an email to my spam-catcher email address, but make SURE the subject line says "Aquaman" or it will go unread. I only check this address once a day, so if you want my attention, post a comment instead.

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