Thursday, April 17, 2014

DC for July - Aquaman Annual?

Tako's Nonsense has posted a list of DC books for July 2014, and it includes a couple of items of interest to Aquaman fans.

The most dramatic thing is that all of DC's regular books will apparently be tie-ins to Future's End. The next most exciting item is Aquaman Annual #2. Very nice, if true. We already know about New Suicide Squad #1, which will feature Black Manta.

I will note that this list hasn't been confirmed... so I'll be posting the regular solicits as soon as they start to appear from DC (which could be today, who knows?). But in the meantime, it's some news to chew on.

Aquaman fan checklist for July 2014 books:
  • Aquaman Futures End #1
  • Aquaman Annual #2
  • Aquaman and the Others Futures End #1
  • New Suicide Squad #1
  • Justice League Futures End #1

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