Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DC for July

Against my better judgement, I put together a page on the wiki just for this month's solicits, which are, frankly annoying.

In addition to Aquaman's standard book and Aquaman and the Others, Aquaman will also have an annual. That's not the annoying part. Then Justice League #32 is resolicited, along with a new solicit for Justice League #33. Mildly annoying.

No, the thing I find annoying are the solicits for a whole bunch of Future's End one-shots, to be published in September! The reason for the advance solicits appears to be the 3-D motion covers, which DC underestimated the demand for last time. Considering how annoyingly worthless those Forever Evil 3-D motion covers were (virtually no covers took advantage of the motion), unless they give me a really good reason to order the 3-D version this time, I'll be opting for the standard covers. And there are NO preview images or creative teams listed for the one-shots, so I'm not seeing any reasons. I found the Forever Evil 3-D covers to be utterly underwhelming.

In all honesty, I also find the cover to this month's Aquaman to be... well, ugly. I understand that guys like big boobs, but there's a limit to what looks good. Frankly those things look neither real nor good on Mera. Seriously, they wouldn't even have to be too dramatically smaller to make it look good. Just put them in the right place (her left breast is drooping so badly she looks malformed) and shrink them so they aren't almost as big as her head. Mera's figure is the only problem with the cover. The composition is ok, background interesting... but the giant malformed/misplaced breasts just make the thing look wrong.

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