Tuesday, July 28, 2015

San Diego Cosplay (finale)

I'll say I'm saving the best for last on this one. I really enjoy Mera costumes, but I don't see many of them. She's a tough cookie to pull off. The Bombshell Mera, however, is simply excellent in design and has a handful of different costumes already. So seeing this costume made me squee inside.

Harley doesn't look bad, either.

If you have any photos of Aquaman-related cosplay at San Diego, or any other convention, please let me know in the comments. Feel free to drop a link to cosplay photos or ask me for somewhere to send a photo. I'll host cosplay photos of Aquaman-related characters here on my site.

Along the same lines, if you know the names any of these cosplayers prefer to go by so I can give them credit for their work, please use the comments to let me know. If you put "don't publish" in a comment, I'll take the information but not publish the comment itself.

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