Sunday, April 24, 2016


DC Comics shipping in July have been posted, and there's a bunch of Aquaman stuff, but a slight dearth of covers for the two Aquaman books coming out that month.

Aquaman #2 and #3 are both coming out, both with variants, but we only get the regular cover to issue 2 so far:

Aquaman is also due to appear in the Justice League's rebirth book. At least we get two covers for that:

There's also the new Titans book featuring Garth:

And the Bombshells book goes back to the Mera storyline in this issue, with what appears to be the introduction of Arthur Curry. Will he become Aquaman?

And there are also some neat-looking toys and collectibles. I would love some of these, but finances, eh. Whatcha gonna do?

The mini spinner rack has me intrigued, but I think the Aquaman bust is the best.

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