Friday, July 24, 2015

That looks like Mera to me...

There's a Cosplay Fashion Show in Manhattan tonight, according to Bleeding Cool, and on the poster advertising it is this gal, who appears to be dressed as Mera.

Event: NERD Fashion ComicCon
Date: July 24th
Time: 7pm
Location: Lovecraft and The Set, NYC

This Friday Set NYC and Lovecraft NYC are presenting their NERD Fashion Comic Con. The event will be a gathering of all aspects of nerd culture. The event will feature a Fashion, Cosplay, special performances, screenings, and more.

If anyone goes, please let me know how it went and if Saraphina was indeed dressed as Mera.

Update: Yup, that's who she's dressed as according to her Facebook page.

Many thanks to Rei Shaw for the tip!

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Unknown said...

Top photo is Saraphina Cosplay
Bottom photo is SERAFINA Cosplay.
Same name, spelled differently. Different people. Please credit.


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