Thursday, July 06, 2006

Aquaman PJs in Superman Returns

I have not seen Superman Returns yet. I intend to see it once it's out on DVD. I hate going to movie theaters, so I save that "experience" for movies on my must-see-immediately list.

However, the news that there was an Aquaman reference in Superman Returns meant that it went a little higher on my list of DVDs to check out. Amusingly, someone thought it was important that I see at least images of the PJs even sooner than I see the movie itself. Many thanks to Steve for these images (and no, I'm not going to ask where he got them).

Aquaman PJs 1
Aquaman PJs 2
Aquaman PJs 3

Out of curiousity, for those who have actually seen the film, is this the best that the PJs showed up? I'm sure it was better on the big screen, but did the kid sit up or something so we got a better look at the design?

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